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How To Convert Challenge Into Opportunity

You may have heard Zahra Nemati's story, but for the first time, She is sharing her version. An accident can change everything in anyone's life, but there are only a few who can convert a challenge into an opportunity.

Zahra Nemati

Zahra Nemati

Zahra Nemati was born in April 1985 in Golbaf, Kerman. She is a champion and a sports activist, as well as a member of the National Women’s Archery Team of Iran. She began her athletic career at the age of 12 with the achievement of the black belt in Taekwondo first dan. Nemati did not stop her career even after she suffered a spinal cord injury in a car crash. Beginning with archery, she was able to return to the sports arena and take the championship platforms. She is the first person who won a medal at the Paralympics for Iran in the women section. She achieved a gold medal in London’s 2012 Paralympics at Individual recurve and won a bronze medal for team recurve in the same competition. After Paralympics, she participated in Bangkok 2013 World Archery Para Championships and won a gold medal in individual recurve section. At her latest competition in Rio 2016 Paralympics, she won an outstanding Gold medal for Iran. Later at the ceremony of International Olympics committee in Saint Petersburg, Nemati won the 2013 Sports Accord's Spirit of Sports Individual Award.

Consciousness Through A New Perspective

As we have entered a new fast life, things which were considered abnormal are more likely to become "the normal" quicker. In such a world, adapting with this "new normal" requires a new perspective on consciousness.

Kamran Kamrani

Kamran Kamrani

Kamran Kamrani, born in 1971, entrepreneur and marketing consultant, is a skill development coach and teamwork specialist. He studied Physical therapy and finished his masters in MBA. He has had a successful career in various industries such as clothing and fashion, packaging and printing, cafe and restaurant management, advertising and marketing, and start-up. Kamrani has established companies like kish’s Monamod and managed "V" cafe chain.

Being on the Science's Side in Two Stories

Gholamreza Khosrovshahi has been in the frontline of the battle for science on two different occasions in contemporary Iranian history. Here, he narrates his side of these stories.

Gholamreza B. Khosrovshahi

Gholamreza Khosrovshahi was born on May 1939 in Tabriz. He went to elementary school in Tehran and high-school in Tabriz. In 1962, he got his master degree in Irrigation engineering and his Ph.D. in mathematics in 1972 from Cornell University, USA. Khosrovshahi has been a mathematics professor at Tehran University since. He received the prestigious Kharazmi Award in 2000 and has been a national full-professor since 2005. Khosrovshahi retired from Tehran University in 2007. He is one of the founders of Fundamental Science Research Institute and is active in the Institute as a senior researcher.

How Social Media Has Effected Our World

In this speech, Arash Barahmand paints a picture of cultural interaction between new Iranian youth and social media, using the term "The Narrator Me."l.

Arash Barahmand

Arash Barahmand is a journalist, TV host, and Cybermedia activist. For more than a decade, he had contributed to dozens of papers such as "Shargh," "Hamshahri" and "Abrar daily " and created and hosted many tech shows such as "0&1", "Online", "Golden Ratio," "1.618" and "The Wheel." After exiting "Digital Age Weekly" as a member of the editorial council, he has been a co-founder and editor in chief of "Peivast Monthly" and been under the spotlight for his significant role in bridging between Iran's new business raisings and mainstream media.

Local Identity in Music

How our geographic, linguistic, and ethnic identity reflects in the music? Hooshyar Khayam explains this in his speech with a practical performance approach.

Hooshyar Khayam

Hooshyar Khayam

Hooshyar Khayam, born in 1978, is an Iranian pianist and composer who has established himself as a versatile musician. He has been active as composer, soloist, in contemporary classics, Jazz, world music, music for film and theater, video-art, and animation. Khayam’s music has been performed by artists such as Hossein Alizadeh, Aram Talalyan, Wayne Foster-Smith, Todd Palmer, Zsofia Boros, and Isabel Villanueva. Khayam's released solo albums include “Tatari,” "Thousand Acacias," “All Of You,” "Sea's Seven Days," "Verses of the Night," "Verses in the Wind" (featuring vocal artist Farzaneh Joorabchi, under publication). Khayam’s most honorable recognitions include the laureate of "Queen Elisabeth International Composition Competition" (2013) for his piano concerto "Before the Dream is Over", first prize award winner of "Franz Schubert and Modern Music International Composition Competition" (2011) for his trio "I Waited for You in Rain".

Amateur Theatre

Amateur theatre, as Jalal Tehrani puts it, is a term used for a specific type of theatre production in which the director leaves their experience behind the project and starts with an open mind.

Jalal Tehrani

Jalal Tehrani

Jalal Tehrani, born in August 1968 is an Iranian dramatic writer and innovative director. He started theatre as a serious path by writing scattered reviews in Sahne and Donya-e Tasvir magazines. Tehrani published his first play called “The boatman“ on Sahneh magazine in 1998, and he slowly put aside writing reviews forever. After several relatively weak performances from his plays he decided on directing plays, and up until this day he has only directed his own plays except for one (Bergman’s Autumn Sonata).

Nuclear Power in the Post-War World

As a citizen of the middle east who was being raised through war years, Makan Eidipour decided to find answers about the naturality of war. In this speech, he is sharing his findings with a glimpse into the importance of nuclear power in the post-war era.

Makan Eidipour

Makan Eidipour

Makan Eidipour is a theorist, writer, and strategic affairs, specialist. He completed his bachelor's degree in international relations and diplomacy from Schiller University in Paris, as well as war studies at Kings College of London. Eidipour holds a Ph.D. in social relations and has published two books called "Last war and Media" and "Internal Security." Eidipour is currently active as a theoretical researcher and specialist on the middle east and international security.