Registration 2017

Registration for TEDxTUA 2017 is now open!

1st Step: Pre-Registration

This step is free and every enthusiastic individual can apply. After this step TEDxTeam will review your application form carefully. And if you get selected to attend TEDxTUA we will notify you for further processing…


Application form for Step 1 (Pre-Registration) is now closed
The deadline was on Saturday, December 16th, 2017 (25 Azar 1396)

2nd Step: Final Confirmation

After the application review process is complete, successful applicants will be contacted via e-mail. Upon accepting their invitation, delegates will be able to purchase a ticket for the event.


The second step of registration is now open
Accepted delegates will be informed via email
and their deadline for purchasing their tickets is December 22nd.


900,000 IRR


450,000 IRR

University Students
(with Valid UID)

Why is there a fee to attend TEDxTUA?

TEDxTUA is a nonprofit organization. Our event is run solely by a team of dedicated volunteers, and money collected from ticket fees is allocated back to the conference to support costs for venue, operations & food. Charging a fee means that TEDxTUA can become a more self-sufficient organization, ensuring that TEDxTUA programming and events can be sustained into the future and that we can continue to reach new and broader audiences.

Important Dates

DEADLINE FOR STEP 1: December 16th

Application form for Step 1 (Pre-Registration) will be closed on
Saturday, December 16th, 2016 (25 Azar 1395)

DEADLINE FOR STEP 2: December 22nd

Delegates will be able to confirm their application and purchase tickets via the provided links from Dec 11th, 2017 (20 Azar 1396) until Dec 22nd, 2017 (1 Dey 1396)

EVENT DAY: December 29th

Approved participants can attend the event with their purchased tickets. University students need to bring their valid University ID.