The New Normal Stories

Record your voice describing us your new normal story, personal or general. Send it for us. We'll share it on our social media accounts.

TEDxTUA 2017: The New Normal Stories

What is the Idea?

As we settle into the 21st century, we are faced with a new reality. The fast pace of technology and innovation has given the human race a new platform to express itself. From scientific discoveries to artistic expressions, we are founding ourselves relieved from the borders of the old world and lost in the immense world of new. We are living in a new era in which the new normal examples are popping up all over the place.
What are your examples of the new normal? Send us your definition of "the new normal" whether it's personal or general.

How to Participate?

Send us your recorded voice describing your new normal via email or telegram. It needs to be less than 60 seconds.
We also need your name (the first name will do), your age, your occupation and a photo.

How to Send Your Work?

Telegram: @tedxtuac

What Will Happen Next?

We use your recorded voice and illustrate your story in a simple minimal short animation. It will be shared on our social media, including Instagram, Telegram, and Facebook. We also send you a quality version of the file so you can be able to share it however you please.
Our hashtags: #tedxtua #newnormalstories