Find the X

We asked you to find 20 "X"s hidden in Tehran Cafes.
You did! Here's the places we had hidden the "X"s:

What was the prize?

The winner receives a 5,000,000 IRR shopping credit from Chare and the free event ticket.

What was the Idea?

We had placed 19 special posters containing the "X" in 19 different cafes. There were also another poster placed in one of the Tehran University of Art faculties. All these 19 cafes were located in the red circle area of the map.
The participant needed to take a clear picture of posters and share them on your Instagram using the hashtag #tedxtua.
The first person to find and shares all the twenty Xs or the person who captures the most amount of Xs at the end on Wednesday, January 20th is the winner.

What were the rules?

1. You need to take a photo of the posters and share it via Instagram using #tedxtua hashtag.
2. You can only share each X once; re-sharing photos of the same X doesn't increase your points.
3. You need to invite a person to the challenge by tagging them in your first X's photo.
4. Once you've found and shared all the Xs, send our Instagram account (@tedxtua) a message.
5. TEDxTUA organizing team are not allowed to participate.
6. Any replacement of posters or interfering them is forbidden.
7. Breaking the rules is equal to exclusion of the contest.

Who is the Winner?

Maryam Abroon, Cinematography student at Tehran University of Art
She found and shared 12 "X"s and is our winner for a 5M IRR Chareh gift card.