2017 Volunteers Recruit Session

Thanks for showing your interest in our event, TEDxTUA 2017. We have scheduled a meeting with you, our amazing volunteers, to get to know you more and find the perfect place for you in our team. The session is scheduled on Thursday, October 12th - From 9 AM to 5 PM. Each meeting is going to take 10 minutes. Please pick a time slot from our Calendly event page. Please notice that only the individuals who have filled our 2017 volunteer form, can attend this session. The appointments submitted from individuals who are not on our list or haven't received direct emails from us are canceled.

  • Later this week we are going to add more information in a PDF booklet right here on this page, so keep an eye on it.
  • After submitting your preferred time slot, please make sure to read General TEDx Rules and also TEDxTUA Volunteers booklet which we are adding soon.
  • Meanwhile, it's a good idea to get connected with us via our social media.

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