Info & Tips 2016

What You Should Know

Some piece of information and tips attendees should know!


Farabi Hall, Tehran University of Arts (Daneshgah-e Honar), Valiasr Street, Tehran


The event starts exactly 10:30 AM but we recommend you to be there an hour earlier for registration, breakfast and networking


  1. If you have submitted as university student, bring your student ID card with you, It is essential!
  2. Be on time! We want to keep right on schedule.
  3. Don't bring your own vehicle, you can use public transportation system! It's fast and good for the air!
  4. Pack lightly! Don't bring a lot of stuff, you won't need them and it's gonna be a big bother.
  5. Be social! don't hesitate to share your TEDxTUA experience via social networks using #tedxtua
  6. Become a member of our channel on Telegram. It'll be handy.
  7. Follow us on Instagram. Live coverage of the event is going to be there.
  8. Don't forget that TEDxTUA 2016 is about "Beyond Normality".
  9. Communicate! You have the chance to interact with people who are is caring as you with various visions and different professions. Start networking, here's the place.
  10. Enjoy the event!

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