TEDxTUA 2017:

As we settle into the 21st century, we are faced with a new reality. The fast pace of technology and innovation has given the human race a new platform to express itself. From scientific discoveries to artistic expressions, we are founding ourselves relieved from the borders of the old world and lost in the immense world of new. But new horizons demand new responsibilities and new responsibilities demand new structures. The modern human has pushed through the barriers and beyond normality to arrive here. But now more is needed. We have to adapt to survive and we have to control our mind, body and our universe in order to flourish. It will take time. It will take dedication. But most importantly, it will take collaboration. From these, the future will rise and it will be THE NEW NORMAL.

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2017 Speakers

Hooshyar Khayam
Makan Eidipour
Zahra Nemati
Jalal Tehrani
Kamran Kamrani
Dr. Gholamreza Khsorvshahi
Arash Berahmand

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TEDxTUA 2016: Beyond Normality

The first edition of TEDxTUA event was held in Tehran University of Arts on February 19th, 2016. This years theme was "Beyond Normality" and there was seven scheduled talks. You can watch the videos here:

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A charming flow called TED,
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The #tedxtua event was fun and very much inspiring!


One of the best events I've ever experienced!